_MG_0681 class N8. GPH. Ktm

Some considerable time has passed since the first school bell sounded in September. Look at their faces as students eagerly been waiting for this moment.

Class Nr.8 GPH School Kathmandu                                                                                                         … more …

Under the red light shadow


_MG_1102The coachman knew a lot of talk about the red light district of Amsterdam. He was one of the first of the evening with a red lantern lights up, began his inspection of night. And early in the morning was the last one, which together with the first rays of the sun, watched the awakening city. He know any street corner. Only had to spend a few words with the clients and coach ran down the small streets to the desired address. Most coachmen liked rainy days, when the wet pavement shone the light. The whole street was filled with a variety of light shades, hower, the dominant of them were red. Each time giving away greetings coachman warned lone travelers,
 „Red light will warm you, ensnare. There’s a lot of black shadows that glides invisibly through the dark streets…, be careful.“   
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P.M. Amsterdam

Wishing Tika…

_MG_3973 waitig for Tika.KtmIf anyone would like to ask about the history of the Dashain Festival, then it would be the same question, when God created the earth. Since ancient times, when prehistoric man had learned to cultivate the land, he has always enjoyed the good harvest. Over time, it has turned into an annual tradition and celebrated as cultured measure.  … see more …

P.M. Nepal

Autumn on the table

_MG_8155@ decorationThere either is all on the table, all the richness of autumn, in all its glory. Each fruit is distinguished by a specific color tone, ornaments and wealth of vitamins. The first messengers of summer – strawberries, which dazzles with its eye-catching glow. Tropical fruits, – after artistic processing, highlights table ornament in particular. For serious stomach a variety of meats and smoked meat which’s recipes, with whiskey and rum additives are kept in secret. And of course wine, whose quality depends on the winemaker.  Do not blame the wine!         … see more …
P.M. France

How’re you doing in your classes?

Third grade students in one of the Kibera primary schools. Seeing them in a class, I would like to ask, whether they ever tend to be serious. Small boys laughed as titillate and tried to talk down to each other; I’m serious, no … I’m more serious than he …. Being serious at this age?
_MG_5682 Class third. Kibera
The first timid steps. First seriousness. First love. The first plans of future.
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Through the tears we are saying goodbye to the most beautiful period of life – school years.
Never forget them! Contribute for Nepali & African schools.


Mango Festival

_MG_2198If you are full of bitterness, and looking for some sweet delicacies with which to soothe the troubles, you need a mango. Instead of an ordinary, but the sweetest in the world, which was recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records and to be found only  … here …

P.M. Zambales. Philippines