Shoemaker’s lunch

Well, do not you agree, that a good meal is your imagination and skills promoter. And if each profession includes a specific diet, then there is no doubt fantasies acme will be immeasurably. Well here’s cobbler hearty lunch to be taken daily, arranged in a wide design.
_MG_8271 Shoemaker's lunch. NLMenu

* Soft boiled buffalo-leather shoe packed with shoelaces.
* Heels (different skin) with a layer of spice.
* Different size of the cobbler’s nails.
* Optional additive: aromatic glue

Well, then what else is missing? Of course, bequest – 

Bon appetit!

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P.M. Harlem


_MG_7447 copyEither always need gorgeous fireworks at the turn of the New Year? You can also have a fun without it. How many people are opting for a quiet walk, away from the noisy city. Along the waterfront, and to give good wishes to each other. However, whatever happens, it is a special day and in anticipation of the New Year should not go to sleep. As the old adage says; one who will go to sleep and will not expect the turn of the year, will sleep all the next year. 

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P.M. France

Dance with Gods

_MG_0147 copy copyDance with Gods. Try to get into the world of the gods. Listen to, how the world was created. Purawisata Ballet will bring an rich and gorgeous performance, that will get to know the actors closer. Dressed in ancient costumes and masks of gods, actors will bring you to the world’s beginnings. No one knows better than Indonesian, as it actually was. The truth, that runs through the undergrowth generations and persists to this day.

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P.M. Yogyakarta

How to get home?

_MG_1119 %22close the doors%22. KtmPolice rode after the bus and yelled the command, “Close the door!” Peak hours, when people early in the morning are going to work, and go home at night, are not much different from other cities in the world. How this happens in Kathmandu? Through the noisy crowds, with mutual respect, Nepali find a common language and late in the evening,  are on their way home.

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P.M. Kathmandu

_MG_0681 class N8. GPH. Ktm

Some considerable time has passed since the first school bell sounded in September. Look at their faces as students eagerly been waiting for this moment.

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Under the red light shadow


_MG_1102The coachman knew a lot of talk about the red light district of Amsterdam. He was one of the first of the evening with a red lantern lights up, began his inspection of night. And early in the morning was the last one, which together with the first rays of the sun, watched the awakening city. He know any street corner. Only had to spend a few words with the clients and coach ran down the small streets to the desired address. Most coachmen liked rainy days, when the wet pavement shone the light. The whole street was filled with a variety of light shades, hower, the dominant of them were red. Each time giving away greetings coachman warned lone travelers,
 „Red light will warm you, ensnare. There’s a lot of black shadows that glides invisibly through the dark streets…, be careful.“   
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P.M. Amsterdam