Spaniard would be forgiven if he forgotten the names of Ministers of State, but will be a shame, do not know the venerable Matadors like.

Jose Maria Manzanares 14.04.53.  Who cold-bloodedly turne his back against the adjacent bull, only to get the audience – OLE!  

Palomo Limares  27.04.47. who showing a graceful leap, slapped the picadillas in a bull’s back…,

and Jose Ortega Cano 23.12.53. with its sophisticated Veronica. Many of them long ago, is no longer in the arena. They have left a beautiful and unforgettable memories.

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 P.M. Spain

Come, and smile along with them!

My personal Exhibition

Portraits & Art photography

For a little while, be together with a smile!

_MG_4220 Sherpa copy.Np-23“My hair comb is, – the awakening mountain wind. My beauty is, – the bright mountain sun, …and my joy of life is, – a magnificent nature all around”.

Street boy.  Sherpa. Taplejung. Nepal

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The Aeta tribe. Philippines

_MG_2656It is difficult to say, when the man took the first steps to start dancing.
However, it can be said clearly, feelings and emotion-ridden man with gestures, voice and movements began to show the joy of the job done, good harvest and healthy family…, on the other hand, – sorrow for the disease or enemy attacks.
It was a special, emotional ritual, which was further highlighted by a variety of attributes and colorful outfits.
Perhaps this synthesis of emotion, was the root of the – what we call today – Folk Dance

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P.M. Philippines 

Where Europe is going?

_MG_1542What has become Europe? That’s what today can be seen in everyday life, in all European cities, would never have imagined twenty years ago. Europe is flooded with refugees and unemployed army, which caused a huge negative impact on the social and cultural environment. Despair and hopelessness ridden man, can no longer find their place in the social domain. The high expectations that were placed on the European Union’s proclaimed boom visions of life, now vanished. Hundred milion people having lost a job – this is today’s reality.

Where Europe is going?

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P.M. Sicilia