“How much water has flowed since the moment I met you. No one has been able to separate us.”

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While scientists are investigating whether homosexualisms is an disease or heredity, – meanwhile Gay Pride goes in full sails, and invites visitors from all over the world.

P.M. Amsterdam

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The game

_MG_9129 Kids.Ch.NpThe little guy was so slippy as eel. The moment when the girls had almost caught the guy, the guy always managed to elude and escape. The girls were very excited that they are unable to capture neat guy and tie up with a rope.

How adults do it…

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P.M. Chilime. Nepal


I allowed myself to ignore the trust of old routine, and it reminded me once again a reality, responsibility and decency. In Africa the majority of people live below the poverty line, and everyday living from hand to mouth, the city set the scene for his decency that should be respected…

P.M. Kenya

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Want to spoil mood…?


Hospitality, smile … it’s like an integral part of her’s daily work. Muthurva Market. Nairobi.

Do you want to spoil your stomach, mood or …?

This can be done quickly. When you’re hungry, go to some great restaurants. There is no doubt that you will be disappointed by the quality of food, especially in the hot summer period. And if you have a friend, a cook who can tell you about all sorts of tricks that takes place in the kitchen … perhaps you will accept the decision, never never again in large restaurants …

P.M. Nairobi

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Prosperity or debauchery

Only then, when you have suffered long-term hunger, bread tastes so real.


I remember those times in the nineties, after a visit to the restaurants, it was like a fashion thing, _MG_3083 at work.W.Npthe guests have always left on the plate uneaten food or purge a glass of wine. In particular, the following picture was seen in restaurants with a large number of visitors. … and, if happened … 

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P.M. Nepal