Where Europe is going?

_MG_1542What has become Europe? That’s what today can be seen in everyday life, in all European cities, would never have imagined twenty years ago. Europe is flooded with refugees and unemployed army, which caused a huge negative impact on the social and cultural environment. Despair and hopelessness ridden man, can no longer find their place in the social domain. The high expectations that were placed on the European Union’s proclaimed boom visions of life, now vanished. Hundred milion people having lost a job – this is today’s reality.

Where Europe is going?

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P.M. Sicilia 

The Gadhimai Festival

_MG_3820 perfect.KtmIt is an ancient Hindu festival, in honor of God Gadhimai. Thousands of livestock have been sacrificed throughout Nepal._MG_3790 moment..Ktm

These are traditions that for Europeans will never be understood. The society of animal rights activists, organize only mystical protest demonstrations…

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 P.M. Nepal



Little wonder of the world

_MG_3727 cangratulation, Khagendra! NpEither already passed round five years since the world struck an unusual event. At that time, Nature had created the miracle_MG_3622 ...am I realy the shortest man,Mr. Marco? Np that soon the whole world admired. In his eighteen years of age, he was like any boy his age. However, the height was the dummy. Little Magar Khagendra from Nepal was able to amuse all … Together with the world’s press, I looked at the date of the event.
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Convulsion repossessed

_MG_0822They went to the confessor to clean the body from the spirit of the devil. Just as Christians do, going to communion. Each had prepared his confession. For young people it was a love affair mischief that erupted too high and violated tribal traditions. Either it was a glance at some of the neighbor tribe girl, or the practice of self-love. Very often happened when alcohol dopey, someone started to talk to himself. This has meant contacts with the same devil….

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P.M. Indonesia

To the traditional question asked, how successful was your deceased year? My answer would be – it was rich in travel and events.
_MG_6841 Bini-Magild copy 2Working winds had me taken away to the Far East countries, where I was an eye witness to earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Events, which was as a milestone for my new book, to which I am working hard. I have just come back from the_MG_0972-2 copy copy Sahara desert, where we worked with the nomadic tribes, exploring their traditions and cultural life characteristic.  There’s summarized a lot of material that gives me inspiration to start a new book about the Berber tribes and their traditional costumes. The book which will contain two parts, first, – rich with colorful photographs that show both modern traditional costumes with newer trim, and second, – embroidery of the old style, which is already more than 150 years old. As one of the most interesting photo-pages will be the antique and the new collection of weapons.
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Merry Christmas and a successful New Year!

Where ideas are generated…

The market is like a big stage, which accumulates social and cultural interests. Place where ideas are born, and die the last hope.                                                                                                                        _MG_6023 Cobra

_MG_5254This individual and multicolored brilliance of the performance, that doesn’t stop neither the day nor night time, can be understood only when you’re truly in love with Berbers’ culture. You need to watch this huge stage from the side, and you’ll see the eruption of ideas. 

However, if you subtract from this show even a small part, the Marrakech,- (Jamaal El Fna) market would lose its meaning.

And so really, what would be the market without snakes charmers. These men are aware of snakebite danger, so fee for the show are highly inflated.

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The secret of longevity…

 It is a gift of nature, which is not doomed to everyone

_MG_9118 mother and baby.Ch.NpWhat is the secret of your longevity? ” I do not have a specific recipe, but I can say for sure – they are my children, grandchildren and great-_MG_4225 Nanda Maiya Pradhani.83.Baldung.Npgrandchildren … who are around me everyday,  and gives me joy to live-…”

P. M. Chilime. Nepal

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 I just asked them, well, smile!  And … they did it so openly, cheerfully, without any bias. So, how can be done only  continue …


Harvest time

Don’t condemn wine for its bad taste, – blame winemaker

How happy farmer can be, if the year has been productive. When all the grain was brought in the granary. Basements are full of fresh vegetables. And of course, with one of the major products without which, italian table would be lose its meaning, – IMG_6762it is a sparkling wine in a variety of colors. If the abundance of the harvest is delivered in a save place under the roof, the Sicilian farmer can indulge in the pleasure of true harvest festival.

 P.M. Sicilia

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