Want to spoil mood…?


Hospitality, smile … it’s like an integral part of her’s daily work. Muthurva Market. Nairobi.

Do you want to spoil your stomach, mood or …?

This can be done quickly. When you’re hungry, go to some great restaurants. There is no doubt that you will be disappointed by the quality of food, especially in the hot summer period. And if you have a friend, a cook who can tell you about all sorts of tricks that takes place in the kitchen … perhaps you will accept the decision, never never again in large restaurants …

P.M. Nairobi

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Prosperity or debauchery

Only then, when you have suffered long-term hunger, bread tastes so real.


I remember those times in the nineties, after a visit to the restaurants, it was like a fashion thing, _MG_3083 at work.W.Npthe guests have always left on the plate uneaten food or purge a glass of wine. In particular, the following picture was seen in restaurants with a large number of visitors. … and, if happened … 

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P.M. Nepal


Spaniard would be forgiven if he forgotten the names of Ministers of State, but will be a shame, do not know the venerable Matadors like.

Jose Maria Manzanares 14.04.53.  Who cold-bloodedly turne his back against the adjacent bull, only to get the audience – OLE!  

Palomo Limares  27.04.47. who showing a graceful leap, slapped the picadillas in a bull’s back…,

and Jose Ortega Cano 23.12.53. with its sophisticated Veronica. Many of them long ago, is no longer in the arena. They have left a beautiful and unforgettable memories.

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 P.M. Spain

Come, and smile along with them!

My personal Exhibition

Portraits & Art photography

For a little while, be together with a smile!

_MG_4220 Sherpa copy.Np-23“My hair comb is, – the awakening mountain wind. My beauty is, – the bright mountain sun, …and my joy of life is, – a magnificent nature all around”.

Street boy.  Sherpa. Taplejung. Nepal

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