Project I   2015

“Traditional Costumes Indonesia” 


Short insight in a past and upcoming project

National Costumes, Indonesia

The 2015 project was more research-oriented. Namely, Anthropology and Ethnography, studying in detail the local cultures and traditions of each province.

A full-scale project is planned for 2019 and will cover both explored and unexplored regions. The previous project did not gather enough material to start publishing. In order to be able to collect materials from each province, it should take at least one week. It is also important to take into account political situations, which often hinder flexible work. Also, climatic conditions must not be ignored. Given these circumstances, it is quite difficult to predict the duration of a project. Only superficially, it could last up to 12 months.
The major difficulties are caused by the huge archipelago of the islands, which sometimes complicates the access to a certain area, taking into account the above-mentioned weather conditions. In order to save time, information must be prepared that matches the topic of the project. Information exchange work is already in full swing, giving hope for a flexible workflow. Also, one (or two) assistants will be hired to take direct part in the implementation of the project. In addition, mutual agreement with assistants will be approved. This will create certain guarantees at work.

Within the territory of Indonesia there are restricted areas, and entry into them requires special permits. Therefore, the project will be coordinated with the relevant ministry, as well as the lower authorities, which will coordinate and facilitate access to the restricted areas. If, for some reason, political or military, access to the chosen area will be associated with a risk of fire, then in  such a case will be decided; either to assign additional security, or, if the risk level is too high, to refuse access to this area.

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