Regions Towns and Tribes of Morocco

1 Region; The Plain of Marrakech and West Essaouira_MG_1680

Tribes; Chichaoua ,ย Chidama

2 Region; Fez to Rabat

Tribes; Zemmour, Rehamna, Marmoucha

3 Region; Midle Atlas

Tribes; Errachidia, Khenifra, Zaiane, Boujade, Azilal

4 Region; High Atlas

Tribes; Ouaouzguite, Segrouchen, Glaoua-Ahdrane

5 Region; Anti Atlas & Jbel Sarhro Region

Tribes; Ouarzazate, Tafraoute, Zenaga, Ait Ougherda

The project Traditional Costumes of Morocco appears in a very diverse colors. The Arab world brings a completely different perspective on cultural and social life. It comes up with a dramatic contrast to the cultures and traditions of Europe and the Far East. When evaluating traditional costumes, sometimes there is apparent simplicity, which is particularly apparent in the poor mountain areas inhabited by the Berber tribes. While wealthy tribes and families from other regions have created their own characters on clothes and their attributes that reflect their traditions.

An integral part of traditional costumes is the variety of ornaments. For a man, it’s a knife, a sword or a pistol stuck behind the belt. A woman exhibits wealth with clothing and head decorations.

In the first phase of the project photo materials of 12 tribes were obtained, mainly from the High Atlas region. The Arab culture needs to be given special attention. It is necessary to take into account the historical traditions, in order not to spoil the relationship between a man and a woman. Failure to do so, can lead to the serious and far-reaching consequences in the family. Deploying any activity that includes both parties, requires a dialogue. It is totally unacceptable to pull a person (especially a woman) from the family to start a relationship. Frankly speaking, the photography that was done was carried out in great secrecy, without the relatives being aware of it. Photographs must be made for each person separately and far from witnesses.

The project is planned to continue from 2019.

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