Project I

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The research project took place in 2015, and its operation took place in the north of the country, in the Cordillera Mountains. It started with the oldest tribal of this region, the Aeta, whose origins are still in the scientific debate. It was possible to meet some of the tribal couples from the local community, who passionately demonstrated their folk-dressed traditional clothing. The mountain region reveals many tribal communities, that were able to photograph during the holidays.

In Philippines, there are very strict laws regarding the wearing of traditional clothing. Demonstrations are allowed only during public holidays and during important ceremonies. Although this taboo is ignored in mountainous areas, it is in the villages and cities below the law’s protection. In order to ensure flexible work, the project needs to be coordinated with the relevant ministry, however, because of the bureaucracy, they are quite avid to give permission.
A full-scale project plan is still difficult to predict. It is very likely that this could start around 2019 or 2020.

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