Where ideas are generated…

The market is like a big stage, which accumulates social and cultural interests. Place where ideas are born, and die the last hope.                                                                                                                        _MG_6023 Cobra

_MG_5254This individual and multicolored brilliance of the performance, that doesn’t stop neither the day nor night time, can be understood only when you’re truly in love with Berbers’ culture. You need to watch this huge stage from the side, and you’ll see the eruption of ideas. 

However, if you subtract from this show even a small part, the Marrakech,- (Jamaal El Fna) market would lose its meaning.

And so really, what would be the market without snakes charmers. These men are aware of snakebite danger, so fee for the show are highly inflated.

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The secret of longevity…

 It is a gift of nature, which is not doomed to everyone

_MG_9118 mother and baby.Ch.NpWhat is the secret of your longevity? ” I do not have a specific recipe, but I can say for sure – they are my children, grandchildren and great-_MG_4225 Nanda Maiya Pradhani.83.Baldung.Npgrandchildren … who are around me everyday,  and gives me joy to live-…”

P. M. Chilime. Nepal

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 I just asked them, well, smile!  And … they did it so openly, cheerfully, without any bias. So, how can be done only  continue …


Harvest time

Don’t condemn wine for its bad taste, – blame winemaker

How happy farmer can be, if the year has been productive. When all the grain was brought in the granary. Basements are full of fresh vegetables. And of course, with one of the major products without which, italian table would be lose its meaning, – IMG_6762it is a sparkling wine in a variety of colors. If the abundance of the harvest is delivered in a save place under the roof, the Sicilian farmer can indulge in the pleasure of true harvest festival.

 P.M. Sicilia

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It’s time to become a man…

_MG_3625When the boys approached maturity time, adults pay special attention to them, and with the traditional methods, channeling boys minds in the right direction.

P.M. Zambia 

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It is difficult to say, when the man took the first steps to start dancing.

_MG_2656However, it can be said clearly, feelings and emotion-ridden man with gestures, voice and movements began to show the joy of the job done,  good harvest and  healthy family…,  on the other hand, – sorrow for the disease or enemy attacks.

It was a special, emotional ritual, which was further highlighted by a variety of attributes and colorful outfits.

 Perhaps this synthesis of emotion, was the root of the – what we call today – Folk Dance

P.M. Philippines

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Loop by loop, stitch by stitch…

_MG_3333She hummed something to herself, and gently caressed the fabric. Her height slowly rocked, fingers deftly formed the coming thread, and every moment in between them, could see the formation of a new embroidery ornaments. Sometimes she stopped for a moment, thinking something … but after a while, once again continued to show  amazingly agile dance with her fingers.

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P.M. Indonesia


Let’s swing Gay Pride

For more than two decades, the Amsterdam Gay Pride shakes the entire world. _MG_8184Through the scandals, that have occurred even government level, juvenile involvement in gay parade, and the child’s parents protests, nothing was able to stop this magnificent process. One can safely say, it picks up speed … Each year, the splendor is complemented by gay activists and organizations from other parts of the world – Russia, Africa, the Middle East and the new Member States.
At least for a moment, Amsterdam accumulating free-thinking and a variety of sex-oriented people. The day, when you can find new friends.



 Gay for a Day 

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P.M. Amsterdam